Goldwind’s First Offshore GW 3.0(S) MW Monopile Turbine Installed

Goldwind’s first offshore GW 3.0(S)MW monopile turbine was installed at Jiangsu Dafeng Three Gorges offshore wind farm in China on May 30, 2018.

The turbine is a 3.3MW model, with the hub center rising to 92 meters. The rotor diameter is 140 meters, and the rotor swept area reaches more than 15,000 square meters.

To ensure proper installation, the construction team had to overcome several difficulties including complex offshore terrain and varying water depth. The team meticulously prepared and organized work to tackle obstacles. They effectively used the window of time for offshore operation and forged ahead by giving priority to safety and efficiency, completing the task of installation of the wind turbine.

More than that, Jiangsu Dafeng Three Gorges offshore project took the lead in massive application of the 6.45MW model offshore wind turbine independently developed by Goldwind. The diameter of the monopile matching the turbine reaches 8 meters, being the largest one used in China. The installed capacity of the project is 300MW.

Once completed, the project will generate as much as 797 million kWh of electricity per year, save about 263,000 tons of standard coal annually, and reduce CO2 emission by 527,000 tons. It will provide power to 500,000 households in the coastal regions for a year, delivering comprehensive economic and environmental benefits.

The project will inject energy into the development of offshore wind power industrial chain in Jiangsu Province, China, playing an important role in promoting regional energy structure adjustment and pushing forward the establishment of gigawatt-grade wind farm.