Goldwind’s Smart Energy Solution Helps Upgrade Smart Water Service

“AQUATECH CHINA” is one of the most influential platforms in global water treatment industry and has brought together several renowned experts from China and around the world. During the 2018 Aquatech China, Goldwind demonstrated to audiences and media how its “smart energy solution” has influenced the water service industry. It discussed the importance of improving a water plant with smart energy and showed how to create an “era of smart water service” by further integrating the industry with smart energy.

Smart energy helps improve smart water service

Goldwind’s smart water service energy solution is developed on the foundation of the company’s Internet of Energy strategy. The person in charge of the business said, “It is our main goal to provide all-round assistance to help customers establish a smart, environment-friendly and low carbon water plant. Our smart water energy solution is named ‘W+E’, W for water and E for energy. It means the integration of water and energy, and aims to reduce operational cost and raise operational efficiency of the industry.”

From power generation and supply, to load side and energy O&M, Goldwind’s “W+E” smart water service solution covers the entire energy consumption process of a water plant. It subtly and dynamically enables the water plant to achieve clean consumption and smart management of energy. Distributed energy takes full advantage of local clean energy to reduce costs; accurate aeration utilizes Big Data to achieve needed levels, lowering energy consumption while ensuring effluent quality; electricity trading helps the water plant to easily and effectively share the benefits of favorable energy policies; smart energy efficiency system allows visual management and monitoring as well as effective management; smart O&M photovoltaic robot increases power generation of photovoltaic systems.

Industry integration provides water service customers economic and environmental benefits

During the event, technical experts from Goldwind delivered several keynote speeches, including “Empowering water – W+E Smart Water Energy Solution”, “Water Plant Energy Conservation Based on Mathematical Models – Accurate Aeration”, “‘Penetrating Insights’ on Water Plant Energy Management – Energy Efficiency Platform”, and exchanged their insights on technology application and classic project cases of using smart energy in water service industry.

China's largest distributed photovoltaic project in water service industry – “Smart Energy Project of Beijing Drainage Group” attracted the attention of many people.

The project in-charge told us, “Beijing Drainage Group is a leading environmental protection industrial group that has been advocating ‘smart water service’ upgradation of the industry. However, its electricity consumption costs account for 40% of its total operational cost, thus demanding cost reduction and efficiency boost. By building a 36MW photovoltaic power system, deploying comprehensive energy efficiency management platform and energy integrated control center, Goldwind’s smart energy solution has assisted Beijing Drainage Group tackle major challenges and also set an example for energy conservation and emissions reduction in the industry, as well as green development."

“Clean energy is projected to generate 36 million kWh of electricity, covering about 30% of electricity consumption; more than 90% of generated power will be used for internal operations. The project creates a value of about RMB 42 million annually; and CO2 emission is reduced by about 36,000 tons every year.” All those figures and numbers showcased by Beijing Drainage Group are not just proof of Goldwind’s cutting-edge and reliable technologies of the Internet of Energy, but a demonstration of the value and potential of applying smart energy solution in the water service industry.

“Beijing Drainage Group, Beijing Enterprises Water Group, Beijing OriginWater, Sound Group and other leading water service providers have been cooperating with us in many projects. After implementing these projects, they have seen significantly lower electricity cost and higher proportion of clean energy, achieving benefits both economically and environmentally. In the future, Goldwind’s smart energy solution will provide partners in the water service industry more advanced technologies and stronger platforms, and Goldwind will remain a reliable energy partner for them,” said a Goldwind representative.