Goldwind Smart Park: Feel the Green Concept of “The City of the Future”

New energy, intelligent microgrids, water services and environmental protection, green agriculture, sports and health... what will we get when all of these concepts are combined together?

Global Energy Transformation Calls for Smart Energy

With energy transformation occurring around the world, it is unsurprising that the concept of smart parks has been enthusiastically sought after. Currently, the necessity of pushing forward energy transformation is imminent. China and the rest of the world have clearly committed to the historical goal of low carbon and green energy. According to the many policies and guidelines recently issued by the Chinese government, strong support is provided for the development of distributed energies and intelligent microgrids.

 “The core of energy transformation is the usage of smart energy. Goldwind is capable of building unlimited numbers of “smart parks” and integrating them to form a smart city or smart city cluster. The smart parks, just like cells, not only function independently, but also support the smart operation of the whole organization.”Goldwind demonstrated its ability at the 2018 SNEC PV Power Expo.

Putting the Concept of Smart Parks into Practice

As a witness of renewable energy development and a promoter of innovation, Goldwind has been focusing on wind power solutions, energy networks, and environmental protection. It has been actively putting the concept of smart parks into practice. Goldwind has integrated its expertise in new energies such as wind power, intelligent micro grids technology, water service and environmental protection, green agriculture, and sports & health in the concept and construction of a smart park– the Goldwind Smart Park. The managers and users of the park are able to enjoy the most comfortable working and living environment in the simplest ways with the lowest costs, focusing on work goals and the true meaning of life.

The Goldwind Smart Park energy solution is provided by Goldwind’s subsidiary– Beijing Etechwin Electric Co., Ltd (Etechwin).The solution integrates distributed energy/ micro grid systematic solutions, energy storage solutions, smart energy efficiency systems, water storage air conditioning solutions, and energy management platforms. Every plan fully utilizes technology and innovative ideas.

Responding to Market Demands with Proven Plans 

“50% of power consumption in the park is supplied by renewable energy, 100% of nighttime power consumption by wind power, and an average of 20% of power generated is able to be traded in national grid, which in the whole increased energy efficiency by 30%, with information degree of 70% and energy saving ratio of 20% …” Behind the statistics is a complete set of advanced smart energy solutions.

An expert of Goldwind told us that “firstly, we will understand the client’s energy consumption demands and local clean energy resource profile, then scientifically plan and integrate diverse distributed energies to optimize resource allocation. Through synergistic and efficient energy supply and intelligent dispatching, we are able to significantly reduce energy costs, improve final energy efficiency, and increase the share of clean energies. At the same time, our innovative energy storage system decouples the traditional centralized energy storage system into an electronic control system and a battery system, which stores/releases energy according to different battery application scenarios and meets different energy consumption demands. This has effectively reduced the operational risks of energy storage system as well as operational costs, and standardized system operation.”

Goldwind’s smart energy efficiency system analyzes industrial big data and fully explores and utilizes energy consumption data to monitor and analyze energy consumption in the park. Through the dynamic monitoring and visualized management of the energy situation, it helps the enterprise to improve energy consumption management and increase energy efficiency.”

The energy solution provided by the Goldwind Smart Park has horizontally realized comprehensive supply of diverse energies, and vertically established an organic cooperation between “grid - energy source - storage - loads”. It will not only help park users to effectively reduce comprehensive energy consumption costs and raise the share of renewable energy, but also ensure reliable power supply and enhance load-side response ability.

A business insider after visiting Goldwind Smart Park and learning about its smart energy solutions told us, “The successful application of smart energy solutions in Goldwind technology park has provided valuable experience for the future development of smart energy. This type of project has significant value in broader application. It can be widely used in urban load centers, parks and high energy consumption enterprises which have huge energy demands. It will help us optimize energy efficiency and truly serve the smart energy transformation and green development of society and enterprise.”