Lighting smart future with Goldwind

On May 28 – 30, 2018, SNEC 12th (2018) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition & Conference (SNEC PV Power Expo), a three-day event successfully concluded at Shanghai, China recently.

The exhibition was held from May 28 to 30th this year where a number of renowned companies displayed their most cutting-edge technologies. Beijing Etechwin Electric Co., Ltd. (ETECHWIN), a wholly owned subsidiary of Goldwind, participated in the event showcasing its latest innovative achievements and project experiences of smart energy solutions at the exhibition.

Focus: Smart energy solutions enlighten the exhibition

“Innovative Microgrid”, “Happy Trading” and “Smart Energy Saving”,ETECHWIN’s exploration of smart energy solutions was shown to the visitors under the above three themes. ETECHWIN’s staff told the visitors that the company, on the basis of digital cloud platform, has established a vertical, hierarchy smart energy solution that will meet diverse requirements of customers spanning energy generation, purchase and conservation.

At the exhibition, a number of visitors stopped where the project demonstration of Jiangsu Dafeng Wind Power Industrial Park Intelligent Microgrid was shown. The power generation and emission reduction data of the park were shown on the screen in real-time, giving visitors a clear view of its advantages saving the cost. In front of “Innovative Microgrid” module, company representatives informed the visitors that ETECHWIN uses load analysis results and local resource profile to plan, configure and integrate diverse distributed energies, which include wind, solar, storage and coal. This optimizes configuration of diverse energies and realizes synergetic supply enabling smart dispatch, thus reduces energy cost to users, increases end usage efficiency and the share of renewable energies.

Electricity trading was another important part of the solution. At the “Happy Trading” section, the visitors were shown how digitized cloud platform empowers electricity trading to deliver strong ability in client integration, management and services. ETECHWIN leverages its profound power resources and a wealth of electricity trading experience, through its digitized cloud platform, delivers convenient and efficient energy trading solutions. It helps to address long-lasting problems of high energy cost, rising operational cost and unprofessional energy services.

“Smart Energy Saving” also attracted a large number of visitors. The staff told the visitors that taking advantage of energy efficiency management platform, which is capable of carrying out over “40” functions at a time and strong data analytical technology, ETECHWIN fully leverages energy efficiency data to meet enterprises’ demands of energy efficiency monitoring and analytics, realizing dynamic monitoring and visual management of various energy sources. In addition, ETECHWIN provides a wide range of energy saving solutions, including water storage, precision aeration, motor energy saving, and air compressor waste heat recovery. This gives a business house greater control over its energy consumption and increase energy efficiency.

Sharing: share technological innovations with the industry

During the three-day exhibition, ETECHWIN used interactive presentations along with various motion pictures on the big screen to vividly demonstrate diversified application scenarios of smart energy. At the same time, various interesting activities were organized under distributed energy, microgrid, energy storage and several other themes. Advanced technologies exchanges and outstanding cases sharing gave the visitors a great feast.

On the first day of the exhibition i.e on May 28, Goldwind and ETECHWIN technical experts delivered a series of speeches on the topics including “Empowering Microgrid Delivers Unlimited Wind and Solar Power”, “Let Possibilities Realize Full Potential” and “Friendly Electricity Grid Promotes Consumption and Inclusiveness”. The speakers exchanged thoughts with visitors about microgrid and energy storage application, distributed energy, and digital trading platform for renewable energy engineering. Simultaneously, electricity trading service model, Goldwind smart energy efficiency platform, water storage air conditioning technology and many successful cases were presented before the visitors.

Approved as one of China’s first batch of “Internet” smart energy projects; ETECHWIN has been striving to keep its promise to deliver an all-around smart energy experience to customers.

The company has played a significant role in establishing three IEC international standards for microgrid. It owns 407 proprietary intellectual properties; improved and established comprehensive smart energy solutions covering every aspect from generation to usage.

A business insider said that during this year’s SNEC PV Power Expo, ETECHWIN not only exhibited complete, systematic smart energy solutions, but also demonstrated its technological breakthroughs in platform application, data fusion, system integration and technological innovations. The energy Internet technology presented by ETECHWIN will play a key role in shaping up the future of energy reform.

The future has arrived, and the amazing moments is continuing. Together with Etechwin, Goldwind will bring more surprises to the industry.