Wind Turbine Installation at Goldwind’s Punta Sierra Project in Chile Completes

Goldwind completed the installation of 32 wind turbines for the Punta Sierra project in Chile on April 20th.

Goldwind wind turbine installation

Goldwind employees hail the completion of the project

The Punta Sierra project is Pacific Hydro Chile’s first in the country. Located in Región de Coquimbo in central Chile, 320 kilometers to the north of San Diego, the project has an installed gross capacity of 80MW with 32 Goldwind GW121-2.5MW wind turbines. It can generate 310 million kw/h of electricity per year, which can supply power to 175,000 Chile residents. The project can slash carbon emissions by 200,000 tons every year.

On November 1, 2017, the first wind turbine at the project was installed. It withstood wind speeds of over 30m/s during daytime.

The project execution team of Goldwind has rich overseas experience. They worked together with the employer of PHC and the Spanish installer of GES to carefully comb the data on wind resources over the past few years, and accordingly adjusted the time of installation. Generally, installation started at 5:00 in the early morning.

Since Chile is located in an earthquake-prone zone, requirements for wind turbines’ quake-resistance performance are demanding. Goldwind’s GW121-2.5MW wind turbine easily passed the rigorous assessment by a local third-party company, which specializes in seismic assessment in the country. On April 10, 2018, the project site experienced a 6.2-magnitude earthquake. The Goldwind team dealt with the situation calmly. All staff and wind turbines remained safe.

Goldwind world leading wind turbine manufacturer

During construction, the project team carried out corporate social responsibility tasks, visiting a neighborhood primary school to donate a variety of office supplies and stationery.

Goldwind implements every project in a responsible way, meticulously examining every detail. This earns them the confidence of their clients. The Punta Sierra project will lay a solid foundation for the supply of clean energy in Chile.