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Goldwind's GW140-2.5MW Receives the World’s First Prototype Approval of Its Kind

The GW 140-2.5MW wind turbine developed by Goldwind received the prototype approval certificate issued by China General Certification Center in April 2018. More recently, its low voltage ride-through test has been approved.

Goldwind coordinates with institutions to conduct rigorous testing and review of GW140-2.5MW to ensure quality and efficiency of the products, which should be in line with design standards. For owners, they will be delivered with products in conformity with the recognized certificate. In order to ensure stability and high efficiency of the project, the GW140-2.5MW goes through tests for design certification, prototype installation to prototype recognition and the completion of low voltage ride-through.

2.5MW “Double140” is the world’s first wind turbine to obtain prototype approval. GW140-2.5MW features Permanent Magnet Direct-Drive (PMDD) technology, and the diameter of its impeller and the height of its hub have touched the 140-meter mark. It is not only the prototype with the world’s largest swept area, which is measured at 2.5 MW, but is also more adaptable to China’s wind resource characteristics, which factor in low wind speed and large wind shear. Through customization, it will become a product with high adaptability.

The prototype of GW140-2.5MW integrates the experience Goldwind has accumulated over the past two decades in lowering the load to increase performance and improve precision. Continuous development on a mature platform gives it larger advantage in reliability, full life cycle cost and power grid friendliness.

The prototype has received several bulk orders from projects with varied characteristics like high altitude and decentralization.