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Australian Energy Minister Visits Goldwind Co-located Wind and Solar Project, Accelerating Energy Transformation and Application

Don Harwin, NSW Minister for Energy and Utilities, recently paid a visit to the Gullen Solar Farm and Gullen Range Wind Farm developed by Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy Co., Ltd. (BJCE) to take stock of projects’ performance and also to review the cooperation rendered by the local communities. He was accompanied by Shi Weiwei, General Manager, Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy (Australia) Holding Pty Ltd (BJCE Australia), and John Titchen, Managing Director, Goldwind Australia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Goldwind”).

Goldwind wind turbine project in AustraliaThe Gullen Range Wind and Solar Farm in NSW developed by Goldwind is the first of its kind project in Australia with an average capacity to provide electricity for 70,000 households in the locality. It is considered as a benchmark project by the local government of new energy utilization and has been funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).

The Gullen Solar Farm and the Gullen Range Wind Farm share the same electrical infrastructure as well as the same operations and maintenance staff. According to estimates, establishing the Gullen Solar Farm adjacent to the existing wind project would save AUD $6 million.

Goldwind wind turbine supplier in Australia | Global Wind Power CompanyARENA CEO Ivor Frischknecht thought highly of the co-located Gullen Range Wind and Solar Farm, “the success of the Gullen solar farm has laid the ground work for more solar plants to be built alongside wind farms in other areas of Australia and is also helping large-scale solar costs fall more quickly. Wind farm owners across Australia can look to Gullen and see the benefits of adding solar plants such as reducing the environmental impact, increasing their renewable energy output, and saving money on grid connection, approvals and site development costs by co-locating renewables.”

Looking at the above benefits, Goldwind now plans to implement the same model to its other projects in the country, such as the White Rock Wind Farm project in NSW.

Goldwind onshore wind farm construction in AustraliaWith the successful combination of dual projects, BJCE Australia and Goldwind have achieved remarkable win-win results by joint efforts, in addition to delivering great social, economic and environmental benefits.

The project is open to the local residents on a regular basis every year. The visit to the plants, coupled with face-to-face dialogue with the staff of the plants, gives an opportunity to the residents, especially students, to gain in-depth knowledge of actual operation of a power plant along with an insight to the renewable energy. This would prove beneficial to them in understanding the importance of promotion and use of clean energy in future. In addition, the project also boosts economic growth besides providing employment to the members of local communities through channels such as Community Cooperation Mechanism and Clean Energy Fund. It has thus drawn praise and support from the people for setting up renewable projects not only in the nearby areas but in the entire country. Don Harwin was highly impressed with the results achieved by Gullen project, which has benefited the local residents and set an example before the country.

The Gullen project is certainly proving a trendsetter targeted at the “going global” jointly operated by Goldwind and BJCE. On its journey to the global way, Goldwind consistently adheres to professionalism with primary focus on consumers. The company is committed to improving product technology, optimizing business model and improving the adaptability of products and services, while providing cleaner and more efficient energy for local people to achieve win-win results and create more value.