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The Belt and Road Initiative in Practice: Goldwind Completes Phase II Hoisting Erection for Three Gorges Pakistan Project

On February 3rd, Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Goldwind) erected the last wind turbine for Phase II of the Three Gorges Pakistan Project.

World-top wind turbine manufacturer Goldwind wind turbine project in Pakistan

Phase II of the Three Gorges Project in Pakistan consists of 66 Goldwind 1.5MW turbines, is located 80 km northeast of Karachi in Sindh, about 2.5 km from the TGF wind farm. The flat and open terrain of the area rests in Pakistan's monsoon climate zone and has abundant wind resources. Transportation is convenient in this area and the conditions are suitable for construction. The project is one of the large-scale wind farms established in the Jhimpir region by the Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy Technologies (PCRET).

Three Gorges Second Wind Farm Pakistan Limited (TGS) and Three Gorges Wind Farm Pakistan Limited (TGT) adopted a BOO model for the development of this project which is wholly-controlled by Three Gorges South Asia Investment Limited.

Simple numbers cannot fully explain the difficulties faced by China’s wind power professionals in the development of Pakistan's wind power industry—equipment must be transported 5,000 nautical miles by sea and then over rugged roads in temperatures of up to 50 °C with the sands of the Gobi desert filling the sky to the wind farm. Goldwind has faced a continuous series of challenges in this project.

In the construction of Phase II of the Three Gorges Pakistan Project, the Goldwind team exerted maximum effort in scientific control throughout each stage of preliminary construction, equipment transportation, and turbine erection to ensure a smooth process and high-quality results. The team promptly communicated with the project owners and erection contractors to properly handle the problems they faced in each stage of the project. As a result, they earned unanimous praise for the smooth progress of Phase II from all parties involved.

In the context of the Belt and Road Initiative, Phase II of the Three Gorges Pakistan Project represents another new construction project for Goldwind in Pakistan. As an international supplier of clean energy and energy-efficient environmental solutions, Goldwind is simultaneously promoting local energy transformations and further implementing its green development philosophy. To further promote green construction in the Belt and Road Initiative, Goldwind has lent its strength to global environmental governance efforts.