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Goldwind and CGC Co-sponsor IECRE WE-OMC Meetings to Promote Convergence of Chinese Wind Power and International Standards

January 29-February 2, 2018, Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co. (Goldwind) partnered with the China General Certification Center (CGC) to sponsor a series of IECRE Wind Energy Operational Management Committee Working Group and Stakeholder Group Meetings (IECRE WE-OMC WGs and SGs Meetings). These meetings were held at Goldwind's smart campus in Yizhuang, Beijing. Over 50 experts from six countries attended the meetings, while Chinese experts representing the CGC, Goldwind, and other organizations in the Chinese wind power certification and standards field attended the corresponding working group meetings.

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It was the first time the IECRE WE-OMC meetings were held in China. In an enthusiastic speech for the welcoming ceremony, executive vice president of Goldwind, Wu Kai, remarked that "The process of establishing a certification system for wind power generation equipment applicable in all countries is a very long one. It requires a comprehensive exchange of ideas between the relevant organizations of each country and multiple iterations. Over the past decade or so, China's achievements in the scale of its wind power manufacturing and investment have caught the eyes of the world. We have already become an important power in the global wind power industry."

"Now, it is our duty to play a more important role in the formulation of global wind power product testing and certification rules and the development of related standards." Said Wu Kai. In recent years, under the leadership of the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA), the CGC, Goldwind, and other Chinese enterprises have enhanced their participation in the establishment of the IECRE certification system. As stated by Wu Kai, "We hope that, through these IECRE wind power meetings, experts from various countries will gain a better understanding of the Chinese wind power industry. We also hope that, in the future, more Chinese enterprises will join in the creation of the IECRE system and contribute Chinese ‘energy’ to the development of the global renewable energy industry.”

Wold's Top Wind Power Manufacturer Goldwind and CGC Co-sponsor IECRE WE-OMC Meetings to Promote Convergence of Chinese Wind Power and International StandardsThe certification rules of the IECRE system were drawn up based on the various needs and market requirements of different countries, representing a consensus among manufacturers, testing and certification institutions, developers, and other groups. The rules aim to ensure the high quality of certifications, so as to provide a basis of trust in the international renewable energy market and promote mutual confidence in certification results. As of January 2018, the IECRE WE-OMC had established eight working groups, including WG501 and SG550-SG554. These groups are responsible for the formulation and revision of international certification rules in their respective fields, covering certification rules, certification institutions, testing institutions, manufacturers, end users, etc.

After three days of discussions, the IECRE wind power certification rules working group, WG501, held meetings with certification institutions (CB: SG550), testing laboratories (TL: SG551), manufacturers (OEMs: SG552), and end users (EU: SG553).

The primary goal of the meetings is to bring together the ideas of different stakeholders in the wind energy industry chain to draft rules for OD-501 (Type and Component Certification Scheme) and OD-502 (Project Certification Scheme). These efforts aim to gradually merge, reorganize, and improve the IECRE system, increase the value of certification services, and promote a system where a single certificate is accepted across multiple countries.

Chinese enterprises including Goldwind actively participated in the formulation of international rules for wind power products

Huang Yutong, head of CGC's international cooperation group, together with Pan Weiping, Deputy General Manager of the Goldwind subsidiary Goldwind International and an expert in the working group, stated that, going forward, the CGC and Goldwind will actively encourage a wider range of Chinese testing and certification institutions and wind power manufacturers to participate in international cooperation efforts. This effort aims to accelerate the convergence of the Chinese wind power industry with international renewable energy certification systems.

During this series of meetings, Chinese enterprises actively participated in the formulation of international rules for wind power products, demonstrating their strength in excellence in the wind power industry. These efforts will encourage more wind power enterprises to take part in the construction of the IECRE system, work together to advance Chinese wind power technology, and promote the internationalization of the Chinese wind power industry.