Word's leading wind power manufacturer Goldwind Joins COP28 and Contributes Wind Power in Response to Global Climate Change
Source: 金风科技

(Beijing, Dec. 6th, 2023) The 28th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 28) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) takes place at Dubai, UAE from November 30 to December 12. As the only wind turbine manufacturer from China, Goldwind joins COP28 and shares with global partners its own practices of renewable energy innovation and achievements of green development. Goldwind’s Chairman Wu Gang and Vice President Wu Kai attended the COP28 Opening Ceremony and Roundtable Forum on invitation.

Word's leading wind power manufacturer Goldwind Joins COP28

As an instrumental part of UN climate change negotiations, COP28, with a focus on environmental protection, sustainability and carbon neutrality, showcases various countries' latest advances and developments in mitigation and reaction to climate change. China, one of the first parties to the UNFCCC, delves into energy revolution and green development: in 2022, its CO2 intensity dropped over 51% compared to 2005 level; percentage of non-fossil energy power generation installed capacity surged to 50.9%; supplied 50% of wind power equipment and 80% of photovoltaic module equipment in the world. China takes the initiative to create a clean and beautiful world and contribute to global climate governance with concerted effort.

With a penetrating insight into the role and responsibility of renewable energy companies in response to climate change, Goldwind gave a panorama of its creative clean energy technologies, total solutions and sustainability achievements at its booth during the conference,. Amidst a road show themed on energy transition, it launched the 2023 White Paper on Goldwind Climate Action, which sheds light on the action and contribution of the renewable energy industry in addressing global climate change, promoting energy transformation and leading to a sustainable future. The company also engaged in China Pavilion Event, and shared practical cases under the theme of “realizing local carbon peaking and neutrality goals with wind power”.

Wind turbine manufacturer Goldwind at COP 28

Wind turbine solutions provider Goldwind at COP 28

Wind power solutions provider Goldwind at COP 28

Chinese wind energy company Goldwind at COP28

Goldwind is consistently committed to promoting energy transition with wind power: In collaboration with industry chain partners, the company incorporates low-carbon and environmental protection ideas into its own wind turbine product research & development, manufacture, and business operation. Goldwind also taps into potential and opportunity of lowering carbon emissions in wind turbine design, use, procurement and production of raw materials to reduce product carbon footprint. By making allowance for characteristics of its own carbon emissions, the company also explores the path of carbon neutrality action, with carbon neutrality achieved in operation for the first time in 2022. Besides, the company tailors solutions for steelmaking, port and shipping logistics, data center and other sectors, in support of green and low-carbon transformation. Goldwind sees adaptation to climate change as a core part of sustainability and drives research & development of relevant technologies, in an attempt to make turbines more adaptable to extreme weather with higher abilities of sensing, prediction and warning, while making arrangements in risk management and strengthen climate resilience.

Goldwind’s Chairman Wu Gang said, “In response to climate change, the journey ahead may be long and arduous, but with sustained actions, we will eventually reach our destination and embrace a brighter future. Wind power industry chain is capable of making great contribution to global response to climate change. With synergy of the industry chain players and all social sectors, the whole society can act with a sense of unity and tighten cooperation in technology, funding, market and talent. As integral part of the world’s wind power industry chain, Goldwind will push forward the development of wind power as always, and propel innovation and advancement of clean energy technology and accelerate the forming of a globalized market in collaboration with our partners, with a view to contributing green wind power on the path of mitigation and adaptation to climate change.”

COP28 UAE, global leading wind turbine manufacturer Goldwind joins COP28 and contributes wind power in response to global climate change

Currently, Goldwind’s business landscape covers 38 countries in 6 continents worldwide, with global installed capacity of over 111GW and 240 TWh green electricity generated annually, equivalent to reduction of 200 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions and 110 million cubic meters of forest reforestation.