Goldwind wins two awards for Solution Factory and Wind Turbine in 2022 AWE
Source: 金风科技

Leader Associates of Asea Wind Energy 2022 (AWE2022) – The world's leading organizer of renewable energy activities with increasing prestige and influence in the ASEAN region, East Asia and Australia, has just awarded the Smart Innovation Of The Year award to Solution Factory (SF) of Goldwind Vietnam.

2 awards for Goldwind Vietnam solution factory have been awarded by Asea Wind Energy 2022 (AWE2022)

This award is evaluated by leading experts based on the criteria of:

  • Technology Innovation
  • Economic Benefits
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

2 awards for Goldwind Vietnam solution factory have been awarded by Asea Wind Energy 2022 (AWE2022) - Goldwind official website

Solution Factory (SF) is one of Goldwind’s significant strategies in the global markets to fulfill the full-life-cycle commitment by deeply localizing resources and becoming the smart brain driving the entire industry chain to meet a lot of demands in low-carbon business scenarios.

Solution Factory (SF) of Goldwind Vietnam is located in Binh Duong, Vietnam. Currently, it is 2000 square meters, 7*24 hours monitoring with around 50% of staff who have more than 10 years experience in wind energy. Solution Factory also has more than 450 kinds of spare parts stored in Vietnam.

Solution Factory (SF) of Goldwind Vietnam can be divided into three stages: It will be from centralizing to integrating the intelligent brain and re-integrating the local; dispatching the center and supply; gradually improving localization capability, and providing customers with the best solutions.

Solution Factory (SF) will support wind power projects by responding faster, reducing costs, and saving more time. Goldwind believes that with Solution Factory (SF), Goldwind can maximize the quality of O&M services, as well as customer satisfaction.

In addition, this is also the second year that Goldwind is honored to receive the award of Turbine Technology of the Year.

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This award showcases the reliability of Goldwind products and services as well as the state-of-the-art technology which Goldwind offers to clients.

Goldwind is the world's leading provider of wind turbine technology and energy solutions. The company currently operates on 6 continents and in 34 countries, with more than 10,000 employees and over 89G GW of wind power installed capacity by Q1 2022.

Particularly in Vietnam, Goldwind has established offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, a ROC center, Solution Factory (SF) in Binh Duong province to support the COD projects and prepare for the development of Vietnam's wind energy industry.