Goldwind releases the wind turbine Environmental Product Declaration
Source: 金风科技

With the assistance of Swedish Environmental Research Institute (IVL), Goldwind has become the first wind turbine producer in China to release an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). It’s an action for Goldwind's commitment to measuring and reducing the environmental impact of our products and services and report these impacts in a transparent way.


The flagship turbine models GW155-4.5MW and GW136-4.2MW of Goldwind are the first two to complete the full Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of environmental impact and release the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). It is declared that the carbon emission level of the two products is respectively 7.25 and 8.04 g CO2-eq/kWh, accounting for less than 1% of that of thermal power. Apart from low carbon emissions, the result also shows the energy breakeven time of the GW155-4.5MW and GW136-4.2MW turbines is only 6 and 6.4 months respectively.


“Goldwind is committed to promoting the energy transition in China and the world and both their wind turbines models have demonstrated good environmental performance. The impact of climate change per kilowatt-hour of electricity which represents the carbon emissions, is around 7.2g and 8.0g of carbon dioxide equivalent, which is much lower than many other wind turbines used”, says Yuqing Zhang, project manager at IVL.


EPD is a document that describes the environmental impact related to the production of a specific product quantity or service: for example energy and raw material consumption, waste generation, atmospheric emissions and discharges into water bodies.


Specific to wind turbines, it includes the production process of parts, components and raw materials, the manufacturing and assembly, the transportation and on-site installation, operation and maintenance for at least 20 years, and de-assembling and recycling of wind turbines with expired life cycle.


The release of the two turbine models’ EPD is just a first step. Goldwind is committed to constantly evaluating and improving the environmental protection performance of all the products, showing the advantages of wind power in low carbon emissions to drive the sustainable development of the society.


The detailed information of the Goldwind EPD report can be downloaded from the links below: