Goldwind signs new contracts with Mainstream Renewable Power
Source: 金风科技

On January 26 of 2021, Goldwind signed new contracts with Mainstream Renewable Power of wind turbine supply and operation and maintenance services of Camán Wind Farm Project, located in the Region of Los Ríos. This helps Goldwind to add another 148.5 MW capacity to build in Chile, the most active renewable market among the Andean states.

The contracts consist of a Turbine Supply Agreement of 33 turbines of GW155-4.5MW, with transportation and installation included, and a long-term Service and Maintenance Agreement.

During the signing ceremony, Wu Kai, Vice president of Goldwind Group, as well as the General Manager of Goldwind International, highlighted that “this project links to a further and deeper cooperation between two companies. Goldwind will always be aiming to provide the products with the best quality and solution, until a successful delivery".

Mary Quaney, Group Chief Executive Officer of Mainstream Renewable Power said: “today’s announcement further advances our mission to lead and accelerate the transition to renewable energy and marks the end of a record year for Mainstream during which we raised $900 million in finance and have 1.6 GW of wind and solar assets in construction across eleven projects. I am very pleased to be partnering with Goldwind once again and I look forward to bringing our Camán wind farm into construction this year.”

Manuel Tagle, General Manager, LATAM of Mainstream Renewable Power said: “at Mainstream we are highly committed to providing clean energy at fair prices for Chilean families and we are delighted to announce that we have partnered with Goldwind, who will be providing turbines for our Camán project located in the South of Chile, and playing an important role in our mission to illuminate more homes with renewable energy.”

GW155-4.5MW model was born based on the Goldwind 3S platform, which was iteratively optimized and customized. In recent years, Goldwind has become a manufacturer who offers projects based best solutions to drive for the lowest levelized cost of energy and grid friendliness applying advanced intelligent design of its Permanent Magnet Direct Drive (PMDD) technology and the full power convertor.

In 2013, Goldwind supplied to Mainstream with its first wind turbines in Chile for Negrete Cuel 33MW Wind Farm of Biobío region, which has been under service by Goldwind since January 2014.

With the perspective of Chilean renewable energy, Goldwind always implements the principle of not only limits to the performance of a particular wind turbine model in one project, but also focuses on quality, environment, sustainability, occupational safety and security and the integrity of execution team. This new wind turbine order is the achievement of a long-term qualification review of the PMDD technology and the customization for the project.

Goldwind demonstrates its commitment to support the renewable energy development of Chile by making contributions to the decarbonization mission and by helping to realize the 100% Renewable target in the year of 2050.