Goldwind Australia-Final tower section from Keppel Price Engineering the last over-dimensional load delivered to Stockyard Hill Wind Farm
Source: 金风科技

The final over-dimensional load – a tower section from Keppel Price Engineering has arrived at Stockyard Hill Wind Farm.

Stockyard Hill Wind Farm Investment Delivery Manager, Mr Justin Howes, said the milestone was significant and marked the end of all over-dimensional component deliveries.

“The final over-dimensional delivery was a tower component from Keppel Price Engineering based in south-western Victoria who locally manufactured and delivered 140 tower sections for Stockyard Hill Wind Farm.”

“Over the past two years, the project team has managed more than 1,600 over-dimensional wind turbine component deliveries including 140 tower sections from Keppel Price Engineering and 17 overseas shipments. Each shipment consisted of more than 50,000 cubic meters of cargo that was delivered safely to site,” said Mr Howes.

Keppel Prince Engineering Executive Director, Mr Steve Garner said he was pleased to partner with Goldwind in delivering one of the largest wind farms in Australia.

“This is a significant project for Victoria, and it was pleasing to have our Victorian company support the project with local jobs and industry expertise that in turn supports our local communities.”

“It was a proud moment to see the final tower section for Stockyard Hill Wind Farm leave our engineering workshop that signalled the completion of over 85,000 labour hours worked by more than 150 of our Victorian employees,” said Mr Garner.

Construction and commissioning work is continuing on Stockyard Hill Wind Farm with more than 75% of the 149 wind turbines now installed.