Goldwind Australia –Stanwell Corporation announces 348MW Power Purchase Agreement for Clarke Creek Wind Farm
Source: 金风科技

Stanwell Corporation and the Queensland Government today announced a 348 MW Power Purchase Agreement for the 450MW first stage of the Clarke Creek Wind Farm.

Clarke Creek Wind Farm will be located 150 kilometres north west of Rockhampton and 150 kilometres south of Mackay in the Isaac and Livingstone Shire council areas.

“This Power Purchase Agreement is a clear demonstration of Stanwell Corporation and the Queensland Government’s commitment to the transition to a lower emission electricity sector. Stanwell is an excellent partner for the project and it has been a pleasure to work with the professional Stanwell team to progress this project which will bring substantial renewable energy investment and employment in regional Queensland. The Power Purchase Agreement is very important to enable engagement with investors and banks to progress to the construction phase which is targeted to commence in mid-2021.” said John Titchen, Managing Director of Goldwind Australia.

The 450MW project has been planned based on using 101 Goldwind wind turbines, with a 348MW section of the project supplying Stanwell under the Power Purchase Agreement.

Lacour Energy and Goldwind who have together developed the project launched the Local Business Participation Program for the project in December 2018. This Program is a key initiative to identify capability in the local community and maximise opportunities for local subcontractors and suppliers to participate in the project. The Industry Capability Network (ICN) gateway has been utilised to start engagement with local businesses with over 700 registrations to date. About 350 people are expected to be employed during construction.

“The PPA with Stanwell Corporation will allow the final steps in the development phase of the Clarke Creek Wind Farm to be completed so that construction can start in 2021. The project represents an excellent combination of strong, predominantly night-time wind to complement Queensland solar production. The project’s location is on the backbone of Powerlink’s high voltage transmission network and the project scale will make a large contribution to Queensland’s renewable energy target. Lacour Energy looks forward to continuing to work with all local stakeholders as we move to prepare for construction of the first-stage of the project.” said Mark Rayner, Director of Lacour Energy.

An information centre has been set up in Marlborough and a project office in Rockhampton to support the project with local community and business engagement activities. The COVID-19 situation has constrained use of the facilities in recent months.

The first stage of the project once built will power the equivalent of approximately 320,000 Queensland homes.

About Clarke Creek Wind and Solar Farm

The Clarke Creek Wind and Solar Farm project is located 150 km north west of Rockhampton and 150km south of Mackay in the Isaac Shire and Livingstone Shire areas. The project has received necessary State and Federal Government approvals to develop:

– up to 195 wind turbines with a power output over 800 MW,

– between 200 MW and 400 MW of solar power, and

– battery energy storage.

The first stage of the project is planned to include 101 Goldwind wind turbines totalling 450MW.