Goldwind Australia - Moorabool Wind Farm Official Association Partner for the Ballan Autumn Festival Association
Source: 金风科技

Moorabool Wind Farm is proud to announce that it is the Official Association Partner for the Ballan Autumn Festival 2017. The Association has a strong history of supporting the community with over 40 years’ experience in delivering quality events that add to the economic and commercial opportunities for the Moorabool Shire and surrounding areas.

“In developing Moorabool Wind Farm, we aim to contribute to the community through support and sponsorship of community events. Today we are very pleased to announce our contribution as the Official Association Partner of the 2017 Ballan Autumn Festival. In the next month, we plan to open the Moorabool Wind Farm Information Centre in Ballan where members of the community can come and find out more about the wind farm as construction of the project nears. Further, the launching of the Local Business Participation Program will be a key initiative to maximise opportunities for local suppliers to participate in the project.” said John Titchen, Managing Director Goldwind Australia.

Goldwind Australia is now preparing the project for construction under an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract with Moorabool Wind Farm. Goldwind Australia plans to start on site during 2017, with the latest model of Goldwind’s advanced technology wind turbines planned to be installed. Goldwind Australia’s involvement in the project will continue after construction by operating and maintaining the wind farm.

The project received planning approval from the Victorian Planning Minister for up to 107 turbines in October 2010. The project is divided into the Northern Bungletap section of up 50 turbines and the Southern Ballark section of up to 57 turbines.