Goldwind Australia - Australia’s Biggest Wind Turbine Blades Arrive
Source: 金风科技

The first shipment of wind turbines destined for White Rock Wind Farm are due to arrive overnight at the Port of Newcastle, NSW. The shipment, consisting of 8 complete Goldwind 2.5 MW Wind Turbine Generators includes the biggest wind turbine blades to arrive in Australia to date. The 59.5m long blades were manufactured for Goldwind by Sinomatech Wind Power Blade Company.

“The 59.5m long wind turbine blades at White Rock Wind Farm will result in strong wind farm performance. Longer blades result in more energy being captured by the wind turbines. Roads and foundations are now being prepared at site ready for wind turbine installation.” said John Titchen, Managing Director of Goldwind Australia.

The blades and other turbine components will be stored temporarily at Newcastle Port and then transported more than 500km by road to White Rock Wind Farm by the specialist logistics company, Rex J Andrew Pty Ltd. This family owned and operated company was established in 1989 and has experience transporting wind turbine components for wind farm projects across NSW, Victoria and South Australia.

700 oversize loads of turbine components will be delivered from Newcastle, via the New England Highway to White Rock Wind Farm. It is planned to commence transportation in late November and continue into 2017.

“We will be actively engaging with communities that are located alongside the haulage route in the lead up to the commencement of transportation of turbine components. Rex J Andrews has carefully considered the best possible route for oversize and over mass deliveries to site and we will be working closely and carefully with the local community to minimise any impacts” said John.