Fair and Healthy Work Environment

Goldwind recognizes the critical role employees play in its sustainable development. Through continuous innovation in employee management and talent training systems, the company pursues equal and standard employee employment policies. It provides employees with various avenues for advancement and development platforms and a safe, healthy and humanized work environment so as to enable the common sustainable development of both employees and the company itself.

Sustainable Development Goals Regarding Fair and Healthy Work Environment

Create a diversified, equal and inclusive work environment
Enable health management in the whole company in 2023

Elimination of discrimination, child labor and forced labor

Goldwind strictly abides by the relevant laws and regulations in the countries and regions where we operate, as well as the relevant international conventions ratified by the Chinese Government. The company pursues an equal and non-discriminatory employment policy. We have developed the Measures for the Management of Employees' Rights and Interests to fairly treat employees of different races, colors, nationalities, genders, ages, or with different religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds. We strictly prohibit any form of child labor and forced labor and do not force employees to work or restrict their freedom using violence, threat or illegal restriction of personal freedom. Our company does not allow to punish, intimidate, harass, mistreat or discriminate against employees, so as to protect their personal freedom and personal interests.

In order to ensure the implementation of systems and enhance the awareness of employees to protect their own rights and interests, the company both organizes online and offline training sessions for all employees. We also display training videos on multimedia screens in the elevator room and corridors to strengthen employees' understanding of the employee rights and interests system, as well as the definition and connotation of modern slavery and related risks.

Occupational Safety and Health

Goldwind continuously optimizes its occupational health and safety management and has been certified by the ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. Through the establishment of a safety-focused culture, effective control of safety risks, provision of safety education, and promotion of safety innovation, the company strengthens the safety management of relevant parties to ensure the work safety for offshore wind power. In the meantime, it implements occupational safety and health management for all employees to promote the combination of safety system construction and business operation, and strives to build itself into an enterprise with intrinsic safety.

Trade Union and Collective Agreement

Goldwind is committed to fostering an environment of openness and transparency in the workplace. It attaches importance to communication among employees and guarantees employees' right to know and participate in the company's operation and management. Various communication channels have been established, taking into account different ranks, departments and cultural backgrounds. Through regular communication meetings, questionnaires and other means, Goldwind strengthens the understanding and trust between employees and the company, facilitating targeted improvements to meet the reasonable needs of employees.

We also recognize and support the right of employees to set up trade unions, and we continuously work to improve democratic management based on consultations with the trade union. Goldwind and our subsidiaries have established trade union committees according to the law. Those committees perform their duties based on the working systems of the trade union and protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees. On behalf of employees, the trade union committee will sign the Collective Contract, Special Agreement on Wages, Occupational Safety and Health Agreement and Agreement on the Protection of Women Workers' Rights and Interests. All agreements are legal and effective and aim to protect the legitimate rights and interests of both parties in labor relations.

Fair Compensation and Benefits

In compliance with the relevant laws and regulations of China and the countries/regions where we operate, Goldwind adheres to the concept of equal pay for equal work for both males and females. The company obtains compensation information in the industry through analysis of competitors, government data, third-party salary reports and internal research on a yearly basis. This allows us to establish a compensation system that takes into account both external competitiveness and internal fairness to attract and retain talents. We strictly implement national and local social security systems, pay employees on time, and purchase five social insurances and one housing fund in full for employees to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

Employee Development and Training

Goldwind has established a comprehensive and multi-tiered talent development program to meet the learning needs of employees to improve their expertise and basic vocational skills. The company encourages employees to choose the appropriate career path according to their circumstances, so as to promote the company's development while achieving employees’ self-value. Goldwind adheres to the principle of "post relevance, input-output orientation, division of labor management and collaborative sharing", and establishes a training management system featuring a learning development center, business unit-based human resources department and departments. The company fully considers both strategic planning and individual needs of employee growth and creates diversified learning opportunities and platforms for employees according to different training objectives and needs. Goldwind also leverages internal and external knowledge resources to develop, prepare and introduce training courses that are suitable for the company's current and future development needs. In addition, we also create learning organizations to accelerate employee growth.

Open and Transparent Work Environment

Goldwind advocates creating an inclusive and transparent work environment, where employees have a clear understanding of the company's operations and growth. The company values the input of its employees and strives to meet their needs in a reasonable manner. Goldwind also improves the democratic management system based on the workers' congress, fully listens to employees and protects their right to know and participate. Through multi-level employee communication activities such as employee surveys, employee communication meetings, and a series of cultural empowerment activities, we establish two-way communication channels and operational mechanisms to continuously improve transparency.

Employee Health Management

Goldwind embraces “long-term health” as one of its core values. The company has set up an employee health management committee, employee health management systems, and employee health files, made customized health management plans for employees and regularly arranged health physical examinations for employees. In addition, Goldwind actively organizes sports activities and competitions, promotes music and art to improve physical and mental health, and provides psychological health consultation and examination. The company also helps employees establish health concepts, encourages employees to develop an optimistic attitude, and improves their overall physical health.