Integrity and Compliance Operation

Goldwind is committed to adhering to all laws, regulations and relevant normative documents and maintaining integrity and compliance operations. We are dedicated to continuously improving our compliance operation system to achieve a higher level of governance. We will establish anti-corruption systems, and optimize the anti-corruption mechanism regarding supervision, inspection and restriction, in a bid to foster a culture of integrity, self-discipline and law-based compliance and ensure healthy development.

Sustainable Development Goals Regarding Integrity and Compliance Operation

Continue to improve the corporate governance and compliance management system for a higher corporate governance level
Foster a culture of integrity, self-discipline, and law-based compliance


Goldwind has set up an independent audit and supervision department to carry out anti-corruption under the guidance of the audit committee of the Board of Directors. We have developed documents such as Specifications for Anti-fraud Management, Professional Ethics and Code of Conduct for Goldwind Employees and Sunshine Cooperation Agreement, and established anti-corruption mechanisms regarding supervision, inspection and restriction. These measures are aimed at continuously improving the anti-corruption prevention and control system, fostering a culture that creates enough deterrence so that officials neither dare, nor even think of being corrupt, and thus prevent corruption.

Anti-money Laundering

Goldwind strictly abides by laws and regulations related to anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing. We continuously enhance internal systems and working mechanisms to strengthen its control procedures and measures. The company has comprehensively improved the risk prevention and control related to anti-money laundering by strengthening supervision and management and taking compliance measures such as internal and external promotion and training.

Mechanisms and Channels for Complaint Reporting

Goldwind actively encourages all employees and other insiders to report any violations of integrity and self-discipline. We have publicized our telephone number and e-mail address for complaints and reports on our official websites, offices and other workplaces and set mailboxes for stakeholders to reflect and report actual or suspected corruption.

Methods for complaint reporting


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