Green Operation

Goldwind is dedicated to supporting global initiatives to combat climate change. We will take full advantage of the renewable energy industry’s advantages to further promote global green energy transformation while strengthening the construction and management of its environmental management system, striving to achieve green and sustainable development.

Sustainable Development Goals Regarding Green Operation

By 2025, GHG emissions produced per RMB 10,000 of revenue (v.s. 2020) will be reduced by
25 %
By 2025, the amount of hazardous waste produced by wind turbines per MW capacity (v.s. 2020) will be reduced by
20 %
By 2025, the density of water for production and operation (v.s. 2020)
will be reduced by
15 %

Coping with Climate Change

Climate change poses a huge global challenge for all governments, enterprises and individuals, and it is crucial to take action promptly. Goldwind continues to provide the society with renewable energy products and services. Helping to slow down climate change, the company also includes climate change in its “14th five-year” strategic plan. Taking global low-carbon development and energy transformation as a great opportunity, we are actively promoting the technological innovation of wind power derivatives and solutions. We aim to lead the balanced development of the industrial chain and build a clean energy supply system based on our development.

Goldwind launched its own "Goldwind Carbon Account Platform" system. The system features measurement, report and auditing functions, allowing for high-quality, real-time and effective analysis and assessment of the changes in carbon emissions and carbon emission intensity of the whole company, business units and different regions. It helps tap the value and improve the quality of carbon emission data management.

In the meantime, Goldwind has implemented and enhanced its carbon emission management system in accordance with relevant standards and guidelines. The company has taken measures such as distributed wind power/PV facilities, replacement of new energy vehicles, lighting renovation, precise aeration and paperless office to reduce carbon emissions. Goldwind also promotes renewable energy and purchases green power to increase the share of green power consumption. Through energy conservation, consumption reduction, the use of green power and the purchase of carbon offsets, the company has successfully achieved its commitment to carbon neutrality at the operational level (Scope I and Scope II) in 2022.

Environmental Management System

Focusing on environment management, Goldwind strictly abides by laws, regulations and standards related to the use of energy and resources. The company has been certified by the ISO 14001 environmental management system and established scientific management mechanisms for pollution prevention and sustainable development. Goldwind regularly identifies and evaluates environmental factors to take rectification and upgrading measures for improved environment management.

Energy Management

At Goldwind, our primary focus is on energy management, achieved through the construction of green factories and the optimization of energy structures. Making continuous efforts to build green factories, the company has applied for national and provincial green factory certification. Currently, we have four factories that have obtained national green factory certification, four with provincial green factory certifications, and eight that have been certified by the ISO 50001 energy management system. We actively promote the use of renewable energy and build distributed wind power, PV, smart microgrids and digital energy management platforms. These measures aim to increase the share of green power consumption and improve energy efficiency.

Waste Management

When it comes to waste management, Goldwind strictly abides by relevant laws and regulations on waste management, and properly handles all kinds of waste according to the principle of "classification-based recycling, centralized storage, unified treatment, and comprehensive assessment". General solid wastes will be subject to centralized management and recycled or regularly handed over to a third-party company. For hazardous wastes, Goldwind has developed the Hazardous Waste Management System to specify the responsibilities involved in hazardous waste management and the requirement for the purchase, transportation, use, storage and waste treatment of hazardous chemicals. Goldwind has also organized training for employees involved in waste management to improve their awareness and ability, protect their safety and reduce environmental pollution.


According to environmental protection and other relevant laws, regulations, standards and technical requirements, Goldwind continuously optimizes ecological and environmental protection measures by identifying relevant influencing factors. To protect the ecological environment at the project location, we also organize training to improve employees’ awareness of biodiversity protection and reduce ecological influence during operation, production and construction.

Water Resources

Goldwind continuously develops, introduces and employs new technologies and equipment to control the quality of discharged water while improving the automatic, intensive and intelligent management of water treatment plants with new energy and Internet of Energy (IoE) technologies. We practice the concept of “use of clean and low-carbon energy” for sustainable development, and optimize the water treatment process in aspects of energy consumption, energy control, quality improvement and energy conservation. We strive to achieve intelligent water treatment.