Harmonious Community Relations

Throughout our operations, Goldwind consistently adheres to the principles and practices of sustainable development in managing and protecting the natural and social resources where their business is located. We also tap into our business advantages and resources to improve the lives of residents in surrounding communities. Our objective is to maximize the benefits our company brings to these communities and contribute to their long-term, sustainable development.

Sustainable Development Goals Regarding Harmonious Community Relations

Goldwind volunteers in 2023
6,000 hours
are dedicated by Goldwind volunteers to public benefit activities in 2023
youth science popularization and practice bases will be built in 2025

Rights and Interests of Indigenous Peoples

Goldwind deeply respects the collective and traditional rights of the indigenous people, as well as their cultural heritage and strong connection to the land. We understand that these aspects are crucial for their physical, spiritual, cultural and economic well-being. We have recognized the impact of mining activities on indigenous people, and we strive to become beneficial partners with local people and make positive contributions to safeguarding their rights and interests.

Community Communication

Goldwind values and respects the culture, traditions and beliefs of communities. We prioritize addressing their concerns and properly fulfilling reasonable demands. The company also recognizes and honors the connection between communities and the land, while also upholding their right to participate and have access to information. We strive to interact with communities in a manner that aligns with their local culture. Additionally, we refrain from engaging in any business activities that disrespect or harm the culture and heritage of these communities.

Local Employment

Goldwind places great importance on local employment. We make efforts to create as many job opportunities as possible for the people in the host country and regional communities and give priority to local employees or ones in neighboring communities. Through local employment, the company improves the income of people in local communities, helps them get rid of poverty, and further enhances its positive relations with such communities.

Local Procurement

Goldwind fully considers the needs of local communities in operations. When procuring materials with geographical advantages, we give priority to local companies. This approach helps support the development of local businesses through local procurement, increases local government tax revenues, and then make contributions to the economic development of those communities.

Support for Community Development

Goldwind actively engages in community communication and activities in a respectful and honest manner. The company cooperates with communities and provides opportunities for them to reap the benefits of its production and operation, aiming to achieve mutual sustainable development for both the communities and the company.

Goldwind Foundation

The establishment of the Beijing Goldwind Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the “Foundation”) which has obtained official approval from Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, signifies Goldwind's long-standing commitment to public welfare. For over 20 years, Goldwind has been dedicated to various forms of voluntary activities such as donation, assistance and training to comprehensive and sustainable industrial support and education support.