Smart Offshore Wind Power Solutions

Offshore Wind Farm Development and Capacity Evaluation

Macro site selection and planning

Turbine selection and power generation calculation

Micro site selection and review

Follow-up assessment of wind resources for wind farms in operation

iDO — Offshore Wind Farm Engineering

iDO (Integrated Design Offshore Platform) is Goldwind’s integrated offshore support structure design platform that truly realizes design process and outcome optimization.

offshore wind turbine construction & maintenance
reduces the design load of the foundation by
the design load of the foundation at different elevations is reduced by

Offshore Wind Farm O&M and Dispatch Management

iGO — Lean Delivery and Lean O&M for Lower Costs and Higher Efficiency

iGO (intelligent Goldwind Offshore Platform) is Goldwind’s offshore wind power smart asset management system. It is based on lean delivery and lean O&M of offshore wind farms to realize lower costs and higher efficiency.

Lean DeliveryOffshore Wind Power’s All-in-One Transportation and Installation Solution

iGO Platform

Offshore Wind Power Training

Cultivating Talents for the Development of Offshore Wind Power

The Goldwind Wind Power Training Center is the training platform for offshore wind power talents that fully covers the Global Wind Organization’s eight main courses. It is committed to improving the safety awareness and practical skills of the wind power workforce to create a safe offshore environment. It also provides a full range of talent training services to promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry, and cultivate talents for the sustainable development of offshore wind power.

GWO (Global Wind Organization)

GWO (Global Wind Organization)