Smart Onshore Wind Power Solutions

Site Selection Consulting

Our Professional Skills Are Your Smarter Choice

Goldwind has extensive experience in wind farm planning. Our meteorological and geographic information database connects massive wind resource data with self-developed digital platforms and tools in real time, to quickly locate potential sites for wind energy projects, estimate capacities and analyze profitability. We provide wind farm planning as well as macro and micro site selection services for governments, wind energy developers and other organizations.

Wind Farm Construction

Full-service Solution for Higher Efficiency

Goldwind employees form a professional team that provides standardized and regulated construction services. Drawing on our many years of wind farm construction experience and product chain resource and technology advantages, we provide customers with customized, data-based complete solutions for wind farm construction covering wind farm development, investment and financing, wind farm design, supply chain services, project construction, and commissioning and O&M services. Our promise to you—optimized power generation with maximized cost-effectiveness.

EPC Solution

Goldwind provides clients with a complete EPC solution that starts at the stage of wind farm development and construction, and continues beyond post-completion O&M or transfer. This improves the project’s efficiency and reliability throughout the different stages, and achieves lowest cost per kilowatt hour of electricity in the wind farm’s life cycle.

Wind Farm Maintenance and Operation

Standardized, Customized, Data-Driven, Efficient

Smart O&M Solution GW SES A Series

Goldwind provides a comprehensive series of smart O&M solutions that are standardized, efficient, customizable and transparent, evolving to meet changing needs to maximize turbine efficiency. At the same time, we also put emphasis on the safe operations and optimization of assets, tailoring a technological transformation solution for each wind farm to improve performance, increase power generation and extend lifespan.

Smart Operations System—SOAM™ For a Centralized and Efficient Management of New Energy

SOAM™ is based on technologies such as big data analysis, IoT, cloud computing, machine learning and the Internet, integrating predictive maintenance, lean O&M strategies, and smart production planning of people, finances and things.

wind turbine equipment & wind turbine system

A new energy operator that has 1 million kilowatts of new energy assets (wind and solar energy) increased its per capita labor efficiency by 30% with the help of the smart new energy operations system SOAM™.

wind power turbine manufacturers & wind power companies

With SOAM™, a power grid company created the China’s first new energy “Source-Grid-Load” platform that integrated big data and realized the ecological model of eIoT and shared services.

Smart New Energy Operations System SOAM™ For Power Companies’ Efficient Operations of New Energy Assets

Through centralized monitoring and sharing of regional services, wind farm operations are unmanned with few people on duty, reducing

annual O&M costs by

Smart predictive maintenance centered on fault diagnosis and data analytics ensures the healthy and efficient operations of equipment

improving average mean time between failures (MTBF) by

Insights into the causes of power loss combined with offline improvement plans accurately increase production-based availability (PBA) and realizes end-to-end farm performance management

reducing power loss by

Constructs virtual power plants based on centralized power prediction and energy management of wind farms and manage smart power trading to increase electricity sales