Assisting Education

Since Goldwind launched its "Wind for Future" charitable initiative in 2016, we have given full support to educational development in rural areas around our wind farms. By making donations to schools, conducting teacher training programs, and other efforts, we are helping raise the level of education in underprivileged regions and encouraging the development of education in rural areas.

Over the past three years, our "Wind for Future" initiative has established projects in 20 provinces and municipalities across China, benefiting over 42,000 rural students, teachers, and the elderly belonging to 10 ethnic groups. Over 2,000 employees from Goldwind, customers, suppliers, and partners have participated in charitable activities.

Precision Poverty Alleviation Programs

In the 19th CPC National Congress Report, General Secretary Xi Jinping raised poverty alleviation to a new level of strategic importance and proposed new ideas, goals, and approaches to combat it. In particular, he stressed precision poverty alleviation as a means to help people overcome the problem.

As a company originating in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region, Goldwind has responded to the Region's call to go to the people, help them, and win their hearts. Since 2017, we donated streetlights and computers to Jiamate Village in Toli County, a designated area for poverty alleviation, and built streetlights, playgrounds, cultural zones, and other facilities in Bosikamu Village and Yakul Village of Makit County, Kunabazha Village of Shufu County, Aimanlike Village of Yopurga County, Kuletuke Village of Yutian County, Tuowan'a Qima Village of Qira County, and other underprivileged villages in southern Xinjiang. In total, Goldwind donated 6.15 million RMB. The company fulfills its corporate CSR through practical steps.

Happy and Healthy Communities

Care for the youth is written into Goldwind's DNA. We conduct job skills training programs to provide young people with greater opportunities and familiarize them with new energy and the latest technological achievements and applications. This program supplements traditional classroom education by giving young people hands-on experience and the skills of careful observation and teamwork. Since 2017, we have organized several wind power-themed summer camps under this program. The camps seek to expand the horizons of participants, teach them about new energy, and give them an opportunity to make new friends. We want to plant the seeds of green new energy awareness among these children, so that they will recognize, support and participate in our mission of Innovating for a Brighter Tomorrow.