Goldwind GWH252-16MW Offshore Wind Turbine Successfully Installed
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On June 28th, Goldwind's GWH252-16MW offshore wind turbine, which was recognized as one of the "2022 Top 10 Pillars of Great Power", was successfully deployed at the Three Gorges Offshore Wind Farm in Pingtan, Fujian Province. This installation achieved three global records, including the highest single unit capacity, the largest impeller diameter and the lightest unit MW weight among all installed turbines. The successful installation not only showcased China's wind power industry's comprehensive expertise in technological innovation, coordinated supply chain management, engineering capability, and experimental testing, but also established a new standard for global offshore wind power development.

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GWH252-16MW offshore wind turbine has a large impeller size with a diameter of 252 meters and a single blade length of 123 meters. The heaviest component installed weighs approximately 500 tons. To ensure successful installation in deep-water area with challenging sea conditions and strong winds, the turbine utilizes a well-established and easy-to-hoist E-TOP structure. Additionally, a “single blade installation” method is employed to overcome difficulties in installation and minimize construction time.

Goldwind GWH252 16MW offshore wind turbine

The GWH252-16MW unit, which was jointly developed by Goldwind and Three Gorges Group, incorporates fully localized key core components. These include new lightweight and ultra-long flexible blades for high-performance airfoils that have a high lift, high lift-drag ratio and low roughness sensitivity. These components help to effectively achieve passive load shedding and high flutter stability of blades. To ensure high bearing reliability, the unit features a domestic main bearing featuring the largest power and size. This bearing utilizes high-quality electroslag remelting steel and undergoes dynamic simulation and strength checks to support larger roller bearings. Furthermore, Goldwind has successfully completed the localized development of 66kV GIS with the largest capacity and highest voltage level in the world. After passing the performance test and vibration test, 66kV GIS has been successfully applied to the industrialized use of domestic equipment on 16MW units.

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Baihetan platform, developed by Three Gorges Group, was utilized for the installation of the wind turbines. This self-propelled integrated wind turbine installation platform is renowned for its exceptional hoisting capacity, ability to function in deep waters, variable load capacity, and spacious deck area, making it the largest of its kind in China. The successful installation of 16MW wind turbine signifies a significant breakthrough in the manufacturing of high-end equipment for large-capacity offshore wind turbines in China. This accomplishment also highlights China's leading position in engineering construction technology. Goldwind’s commitment to innovation, self-reliance, and continuous advancement in high-tech capabilities has played a crucial role in this achievement.

The installation of GWH252-16MW marks another significant milestone in the flourishing development of offshore wind turbines in China. It showcases China's expertise in advanced manufacturing of renewable energy equipment. Through innovation along the industrial chain, China's wind power industry is being promoted, with offshore wind power serving as a vital driver in achieving the "dual carbon" goals, and providing immense green "power" for the coastal economic development.

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