China's Wind Powering Energy Transformation in Sri Lanka
Source: 金风科技

Recently, the Mannar Project, which is Sri Lanka's first project powered by a Chinese wind turbine provider, has been fully installed and is now operational. The wind turbines, provided by Goldwind, have been connected to the power grid and started working. The project consists of six Goldwind GW121-2.5MW units, with a total installed capacity of 15MW.

The Mannar Wind Farm Project, which is Sri Lanka's first project powered by a Chinese wind turbine provider Goldwind, has been fully installed and is now operational

Sri Lanka, a tropical island country in the Indian Ocean, is known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. The country is currently in the early stages of wind power development and is committed to achieving its renewable energy development. According to the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, the government has set a target of achieving 70% renewable power generation in 2030. To meet this target, there will be a significant increase in the installed capacity of wind power, leading to a transformation in the country's energy sector.

Sri Lanka's Mannar Wind Power Project Adopts Smart Wind Turbines Developed by Goldwind Technology

The Mannar Project, located in Mannar, north of Sri Lanka, aims to address the country's power shortage and meet the rapidly growing local power demand. During the project construction period, Goldwind provided training to local employees covering various aspects such as foundation construction, wind turbine installation, and grid-connected commissioning. This training empowered local employees both theoretically and practically, enabling them to achieve independent EPC installation for the first time. Goldwind also made constructive contributions to creating local employment opportunities and developing wind power talents.

World's leading wind power company Goldwind, wind turbine installation, wind farm project in Sri Lanka

Goldwind has installed a cumulative capacity of nearly 1.5 GW in Asia (excluding China) to date. With 25 years of efforts in the wind power industry, Goldwind operates in 38 countries across six continents. Recognizing Sri Lanka is a key location on the Maritime Silk Road, Goldwind actively supports the “Belt and Road” Initiative by assisting the country in efficiently developing and utilizing wind energy. By leveraging the abundant local clean energy resources, Goldwind aims to contribute to the country's energy transformation towards clean energy, adding to the beauty and prosperity of the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”.