Goldwind Onshore Wind Turbines Win Gold Prize for the Windpower Monthly Turbines of the Year 2022
Source: 金风科技

Windpower Monthly, a global media brand dedicated to the wind power industry, has recently unveiled the Turbines of the Year 2022 awards winners. Goldwind medium-speed permanent magnet (MSPM) smart wind turbines and drivetrain were included in several lists of the Windpower Monthly Turbines of the Year 2022 awards and remarkably received one gold prize and two silver prizes.


Category: Best Onshore Wind Turbines up to 5.6MW

Product: GWH191-4.0MW

Award: Gold Prize

Goldwind innovated GWH191-4.0MW, which falls under the GWH191-4.X and is part of the trend toward larger turbines. Its super-large rotor diameter and super-high tower effectively improve the overall power generation and rate of return. Behind the innovation is the "reliable" support. GWH191-4.X completed the whole turbine test on Goldwind's large wind turbine simulation and test platform in Dafeng, Jiangsu. It passed more than 100 tests, such as fatigue test, vibration measurement, thermal test, and power characteristics verification for its vital systems and components such as blades, generators, nacelle, converter, pitch, and the main control.

Installed and commissioned in Liuyuan, Guazhou, Gansu in May 2022, the model has since been put into stable operation. The maximum rotor diameter of GWH191-4.0MW is 191 meters, generating power for up to 1800 hours annually at an average wind speed of 4.5 m/s.


Category: Best Onshore Wind Turbines 5.6MW Plus

Product: GWH191-6.7MW

Award: Silver Prize

Goldwind's new generation MSPM wind turbine GWH191-6.7MW has a hub height of 110m, rotor diameter of 191m, and maximum lifting capacity of 150t. The wind turbine records the largest single-unit capacity, the highest tower height, the longest blade, and the largest lifting capacity among the operating units in China's mountain wind power projects.

In November 2022, SPIC's Fuyuan West Wind Power Project, which adopts GWH191-6.7MW, was connected to the grid for power generation. Annually, the on-grid power is estimated to be 1.96 billion kilowatt-hours, saving about 641,000 tons of standard coal and reducing about 1.732 million tons of CO2 and 1,171.8 tons of SO2.


Category: Drivetrains

Product: Goldwind MSPM drivetrain

Award: Silver Prize

Based on ten years of R&D and on-site operation, Goldwind's new generation of MSPM drivetrain enjoys a more reasonable drive chain design, good generator gearbox operation, and high reliability. The new generation builds upon the technical advantages and experience of direct-drive wind turbines and shares its service system, which carries forward the excellent service of Goldwind.

The global awards are the first success Goldwind has received in the New Year and serve as a driving force forward. In 2023, Goldwind will keep steadfast and motivated and move forward to drive a renewable future!