Integrated Energy Services

Tomorrow’s Energy It Is All Connected

Clean Energy Investment

Distributed photovoltaic

Decentralized wind energy

Energy storage

Wind energy storage/solar energy storage/wind and solar energy storage on energy production side and consumption side

Combined cooling, heating and power

Clean Asset Management

For Lower Costs and Higher Efficiency, and Asset Preservation and Appreciation of New Energy Power Plants

Based on wind energy management, Goldwind leverages its industry chain advantages to gather resources from suppliers and partners, and constructs a service sharing platform integrating clean energy development, construction, production, operations, sales, technology, capital operations and other industry chain products, comprehensively reducing costs and improving efficiency to realize a clean energy industry chain ecosystem with wind energy at its core.

Products and Services

AMS Basic

Data access, platform sharing, basic O&M


Manages wind farm assets on behalf of customers based on 3-level, 6-category and 50-indicator guarantee

AMS Plus

Shares wind energy uncertainty and risks with customers based on power generation guarantee

AMS Exce

Provides comprehensive guarantees for power, price and cost to create maximum asset value for clients based on risk-sharing of clients’ investment yield