Integrated Energy Services

Tomorrow’s Energy It Is All Connected

Smart Microgrid

Goldwind plans, allocates and integrates diverse distributed energy sources (wind, solar energy, storage, fuel, etc.) according to energy demand and regional clean energy resource profiles to realize the optimal allocation of diverse energy sources, coordinate power supply and achieve smart energy dispatch. This reduces clients’ energy costs, improves end-use energy efficiency, and increase the share of clean energy.


High-efficiency power supply

Chooses multiple energy sources according to local conditions to achieve comprehensive and efficient utilization of energy sources

Budget-friendly and energy-saving

Fully utilizes regional energy resource profiles to reduce publicly traded energy and reduce energy utilization costs

Green and clean

Realizes high penetration rate of clean energy and enhance an enterprise’s green practices

Safe and reliable

Complements power grid to improve power supply quality and reliability

Core Technology

Wind energy,solar energy and energy storage planning and design

Wind energy,solar energy and energy storage planning and design

Selects type and ratio of renewable energy according to clients’ requirements and local conditions

Combined cooling, heating and power supply

Combined cooling, heating and power supply

Realizes comprehensive and efficient trigeneration on the consumption side

Energy storage system

Energy storage system

Enhances new energy output, increases consumption-side power quality and reliability of power supply, participates in peak and frequency modulations, etc.

Energy management system

Energy management system

Realizes the multi-objective optimized dispatch of distributed photovoltaics, wind energy, energy storage, and consumption-side adjustable load in grid-connected and off-grid modes, and assists in dynamic voltage and frequency regulation of the power grid

Dynamic disturbance control system

Dynamic disturbance control system

Solves system oscillations, voltage fluctuations, and power quality issues that may arise under high-penetration operations of renewable energy, and ensures the stability of the power supply system while functioning as an energy storage converter

Transitory disturbance control system

Transitory disturbance control system

Accurately suppresses abnormal changes in frequency and voltage arising from major instantaneous disturbance of the power system, realizing millisecond-level suppression of instantaneous voltage fluctuations and the seamless transitioning between grid-connected and off-grid modes

Fault Protection system

Fault Protection system

Accurately locates, identifies and isolates faults for microgrids of 10kV and under to ensure the safe and reliable operation of large power grids and microgrids

All-in-One Solution

Goldwind provides an all-in-one solution for microgrid products that encompasses project financing, consulting, design, procurement, construction, delivery and subsequent O&M, helping clients achieve safe, reliable and cost-effective operations.

Evaluation of construction conditions

  • Site survey
  • Power load characteristics analysis
  • Wind and solar energy resources evaluation
  • Wind turbine micro site selection
  • Distributed power supply capacity analysis
  • Economic evaluation
  • ...

System design

  • Project proposal
  • Project feasibility study report
  • ...

Project EPC contracting

  • Planning and design
  • Equipment procurement
  • Project construction
  • ...

Project O&M management

  • On-site technical support
  • Products optimization and transformation
  • After-sales on-site service
  • Loss reduction
  • Commissioned energy trades
  • ...

Incremental Distribution Network

Leveraging the increased investment stage, Goldwind expands and provides long tail services integrating distribution, sales and O&M.


Provides preliminary grid planning consulting services for incremental distribution networks


Participates in preliminary project development as main investor, and actively explores different investment models such as BOT/BOO/BOOT to develop joint ventures and partnerships


Participates in distribution network construction as the general contractor/subcontractor


Participates in distribution network O&M services to achieve cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and asset value preservation and appreciation

Electricity Sales

Provides extended services such as electricity sales consultation and energy efficiency management for park users