Pioneering a Green Future with Wind Energy

Permanent Magnet Direct-Drive

The Core Technology That Powers Goldwind

Higher efficiency

Wider speed range and direct-drive technology increases efficiency by 5% compared to traditional models

Greater Efficiency

Higher reliability

Fewer components eliminate failures and maximize turbine availability to more than 99%

Greater Reliability


Eliminating gearbox O&M lowers overall costs by about 20%

Cost Reduction


Fully realize the flexibility of power with zero power-grid impact and outstanding high and low voltage ride-through capabilities

Power-Grid Impact

Smart Wind TurbinesThe Brains Behind Goldwind’s Digital Wind Farms

Smart sensing

Through precise positioning, smart sensors can comprehensively detect the turbines’ environment and conditions, and provide effective and accurate data input adapted to different scenarios for the management and control of smart wind turbines

Advanced self-control

Machine learning methods provide perceptual information that helps turbines evaluate their own environment, status and behavior for self-adjustment, self-adaptation and self-control

Coordinated decision-making

To optimize system design and achieve the best efficiency and profitability, turbines can make coordinated decision-making at station, farm and electric system levels in the face of complex future application scenarios

Smart Wind Turbines

Higher power generation
Safer and more reliable
Better environment adaptability
Grid-friendly connection

GOLDWINDWind Turbine
GOLDWINDWind Turbine
GOLDWINDWind Turbine
GOLDWINDWind Turbine
GOLDWINDWind Turbine

Smart Wind Power Solutions

Better Solutions for Onshore, Offshore, and Distributed Generation Scenarios

Smart Onshore Wind Power Solutions

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Smart Offshore Wind Power Solutions

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